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All eyes on Africa

While the focus of the Africa narrative a decade ago was whether the continent would ever deliver on its latent potential, the shift has been such that the conversation is now about how high this ceiling can be. Africa’s positive outlook and the surrounding sense of optimism have been a boon to the increased focus on the continent, particularly in a global context where developed economies are still recovering from financial turmoil and BRIC nations have not delivered on expected growth. In Africa, there is no longer the sense of a false dawn; instead, there is the vision of a resurgent Africa where economic growth is comparable to or even faster than any other continent and marked improvement in human development is no longer a mirage but is within reach.

Individual momentum within a collective transformation

Despite a shift in narrative, the Africa story remains somewhat abstract. To fully appreciate all of the color and the subtlety around the new Africa story is to dig underneath the impressive trends and the lofty statistics to see the people who everyday devote their lives to fulfilling the continent’s limitless potential. As a result, the focus of the 21st Wharton Africa Business Forum will be to illuminate the journey of the individual in the pursuit of translating opportunities into growth and at the same time provide a template and a roadmap for the entrepreneurs, business executives, government officials, academics and students that convene at The Wharton School over the conference weekend.

To give voice to the story of the individual, to hear these stories told and to trace out the narrative arch of the individual as they translate opportunity into growth on the continent is to begin to connect the dots and see the story for what it is: A story about an Africa that is as much about the trials and tribulations of the individual as it is about the success of the collective.

We look forward to welcoming you to Philadelphia in November.

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